Stride Quotes

From the parents

What did you like about the program?

“It gave me the opportunity to do something productive with my son and gave him something to look forward to. The kids were very excited about this activity and worked hard for it every year”

“My son is autistic and the program helped his social skills , improve both in body type image and self-esteem. Cole’s coaches were the best and it was most wonderful thing to see the boys practicing every day and that camaraderie STRIDE evoked. It was the best experience he could have been involved in.”

“This program is important because it gave the boys an opportunity to improve their physical fitness, build positive character and socialize. It gave them a goal to strive for. It involved the family (running buddies). It brought community together for a common purpose. It helped my son build physical strength, endurance, confidence, motivation, and friendships. This was a very positive experience for us!”

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