During the 10 weeks, the curriculum covers topics that are designed to help develop excellent character. The boys are given the opportunity to talk with each other and their coaches about issues that they face in school, at sports, in the community and at home.

Each lesson starts with the coaches welcoming the boys. The boys then begin with a dynamic warm up that includes a related game or activity. Next they have a short discussion, followed by a creative running workout that again relates to the topic. The lesson ends with another discussion and a team cheer. Every boy is rewarded for excellent character at the end of each session. Throughout the curriculum, the focus is on doing one's personal best, not competing with each other.

The topics covered are:

Lesson 1 Who’s on the Team?
Lesson 2 Character Counts
Lesson 3 Running Rocks
Lesson 4 It’s Okay to be Different
Lesson 5 The Good Friend
Lesson 6 Getting Along
Lesson 7 Working with a Team
Lesson 8 Winning isn’t Everything
Lesson 9 Fueling our Emotional Tank
Lesson 10 Bullying
Lesson 11 Eating Healthy
Lesson 12 Drugs = Danger
Lesson 13 Shoot for your Goals
Lesson 14 Operation Organization
Lesson 15 Doing the Distance – 5K
Lesson 16 Cyber Sense
Lesson 17 The Follow Through
Lesson 18 STRIDE–Putting It Together & Passing It On
Lesson 19 Making a Difference in Action
Lesson 20 The Celebration