Race Etiquette

To help facilitate a positive 5k experience for all participants, we request you practice standard event etiquette:

  • As much as possible, please try to run at an even pace the entire event instead of starting and stopping, sprinting and walking, etc.
  • Should you need to walk, please move to the far right of the street and try to ease your pace into a walk instead of abruptly stopping.
  • Allow runners to pass on the left.
  • Please pass slower runners/walkers on the left.
  • When approaching a water station, grab a cup of water while being aware of other runners who may be passing through. Please do not stop. If you need to slow down wait until after the water station and then move to your right to walk.
  • Encourage other runners and thank our volunteers!
  • If you see a runner who needs medical attention, please alert a course marshal.
  • At the finish line please be aware that other runners are coming up behind you and do not stop abruptly. Once you receive your medal please proceed to the post-event refreshment station and then celebrate with your friends and family once you are away from the finish line.
  • No dogs may accompany runners/walkers in the 5k.
  • No bicycles are allowed on the 5k course (except for designated EMT).
  • Participants may run or walk with a stroller but they must start at the very back of the 5k (even if running with a Girls on the Run participant).