Girls on the Run Quotes

From the parents

What did you like about the program?

“Being a young gal in this day and age is so difficult. There are so many pressures and so many expectations! Girls on the Run give the girl a chance to be themselves, get sweaty and explore life topics in a non-judgmental and fun environment It teaches girls that life isn’t a contest but a journey to just be you!”

“Love that it gets kids active! Obesity is a huge problem and this gives the kids something fun while staying healthy. Also, love the idea behind the principles that were taught/discussed during the practices. They have opened up questions between my daughter and myself.”

“This is a unique program that not only is good for the body but good for the soul. As a parent, it is great to hear about the wonderful lessons taught as well as foster strengths and how if you set a goal it can be achieved and how good it feels afterward.”

From the girls

What did you like about the program?

“ I love that you get to challenge yourself to do something that you know you could never do before. I also love that it isn’t just about running, it is also about knowing that you can do something great and that you can feel great about yourself.”

What have you learned?

“I’ve learned to keep a positive attitude in everything that I am trying to achieve”

“I’ve learned to not pick candy before dinner and eat more fruit and broccoli.”

How has it helped you?

”It has helped me by making me feel better about myself and less worried about how other people see, talk about, or feel about me.”

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